Mio Navman 575 review

Is there more to Mio than just a 'me too' sat-nav system?

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Mio spirit 575

Out on the road, the Mio Navman 575 performs reasonably well. Once you've gone through the initial setup options, you usually greeted with a simple home screen giving you just five different options: Find, Map, My Places, Settings and Near Me.

They lead on to further sub-menus that help set your destination, add to or recall journey favourites and pulling up a good range of Points of Interest and so on, but are all logically laid out and clearly presented with big target buttons to help you easily select the right option.

Finding destinations is a little more hit and miss though. The Mio Navman 575 is limited to a 4-character postcode entry, so you can only type in SW10 before being presented with a list of 5 character postcodes (SW10 1, for example), which you then have to scroll though and select.

Mio spirit 575

From there you then have to type in the street name using the on-screen keyboard, although the Mio Navman 575 is clever enough to predict what you're about to type next. It's quick-ish, but a far cry from the full postcode entry on rivals like TomTom's GO series.

On a more positive night, the Mio Spirit 575 is fairly equipped with its comes to its built-in Maps, with those for 23 European countries included in the price tag.

Mio spirit 575

You also have the rather clever option of renting additional maps for 7, 14 or 30 days at a time – saving you the expensive of buying the full versions, which you might never again need.

Also included in the price is free Traffic Message Channel information, which give you updates on any jams on your route, plus LearnMe – a Mio-derived technology which gradually adapts to the way you drive, so if you prefer to go a different way to a destination from the one it picks, it'll eventually learn to offer you only that one instead.

Driving across a mix of country and city roads we found it hard to quibble with the Mio Navman 575's selected route, which got us to our destination smartly, quickly and efficiently.

However,we did have a few issues with the user experience and a rather limited selection of routing options.

Firstly a combination of stark-looking graphics and rather robotic voice instructions made us feel like we were using a satnav from 10 years ago – especially when the voice mispronounced street and town names.

Mio spirit 575

Secondly, although its route selection is clever, the Mio Navman 575 gives you limited ability to tweak it – you can choose between Fastest, Easiest or Economical.

Mio spirit 575

LearnMe presumably makes up for this lack of choice once it gets used to the way you drive, but we'd have liked some more options from the start, including the ability to set waypoints, via routes and alternative routes – a quick and easy alternative shortcut would be really useful too.

More useful are the Points of Interest options in Near Me, which actually point you to stuff you might need like Food, Petrol, Parking, Hotels & Motels, Cash and emergency facilities (under SOS), rather than overwhelming you with stuff you don't.

Mio spirit 575

More esoteric choices can be found in the dedicated Points of Interest sub-menu.