With the RX100, Sony has produced a very interesting and very impressive camera. The sensor is large enough to produce high quality images and deliver good low light performance while also being small enough to mean the overall body size of the camera remains exceptionally sleek.

If we were assessing the camera based solely on what it is capable of outputting, it would be easy to say that this camera is near-on perfect for the target market.

It produces excellent images with just the right level of vibrancy, performs well in a number of conditions and perhaps most importantly can fit in a jeans pocket.

Unfortunately, there are a few niggles to be had with the handling that keep this from being the perfect offering. The number of functions that cannot operate in raw format shooting for instance, are a bit of let-down.

We liked

The stylish and small exterior houses a powerhouse of a camera that produces fantastic images for a compact. The fantastic screen quality is also something worth highlighting.

We disliked

It would be great for options such as Clear Zoom and Picture Effects to be available when shooting in raw format - or at least for there to be a quick way to switch to JPEG only.

Final verdict

For those looking for a back-up camera for when the DSLR is too bulky or inconvenient, Sony has produced a truly great camera that should also appeal to anybody wanting to trade up from a mobile phone or budget compact camera.