sigma dp1s

Now available at about half its suggested retail price, the Sigma DP1s has many virtues, but at the end of the day, there are more downsides than up.

We liked:

This is a well-built and quite stylish camera, with a decent lens and a quality 14Mp sensor.

The Sigma DP1s delivers smooth and colourful images from the box, and the 28mm lens is well made, with minimal lens distortion. Being able to shoot RAW in Auto mode is a bonus too.

We disliked:

The camera has a tendency to underexpose on default settings, the AF options feel a bit basic and the Sigma DP1s takes much longer to save images to card than its competitors.

Large RAW files we can understand, but not JPEGs. You can't record HD video either.


As mentioned, this camera has plunged in price since launch, and we can see why. While basically a sound device, it feels like yesterday's camera, and the enhancements from the old Sigma DP1 aren't really significant enough to make the DP1s much of an upgrade.

As a high-end compact it feels rather basic, and its sluggish performance and basic AF options diminish its credibility as a serious SLR replacement.

A bit of a white elephant, in other words, but still worth snapping up if the price ever drops below £200.