There's a lot to like about the Samsung NX100 camera, from its curvy rangefinder looks to innovative iFunction lenses. The NX100 is not quite the revolution that Samsung is promising, but it will further bolster the company's reputation as a serious player in the photography market.

This is a tough, sturdy camera, and the Samsung NX100 lens is quality. What's more, being able to control camera functions via the zoom ring on iFunction lenses is a genuine innovation. The rear screen is simply great too.

That said, the 20-50mm NX100 lens isn't particularly fast, and is limited for wide-angle work. There's no image stabilisation and the lack of flash as standard is off-putting on a £500 camera.

With the NX100 selling for just under £500 at the time of writing, it's no impulse buy. While it's innovative in many ways, you have to ask yourself whether the limited lenses (both in terms of focal length and choice) make it a wiser buy than a similarly priced DSLR like the Nikon D3100 – or a top Micro Four Thirds hybrid like the Panasonic Lumix GF1. We'd still go for the latter.

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