Samsung NX10 review

Is this high-res hybrid more than just an SLR-a-like?

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samsung nx10

When first handling the Samsung NX10 you need to keep reminded yourself this is NOT a conventional DSLR.

When it comes to form and styling, the Samsung NX10 feels very similar to an entry-level DSLR from Nikon or Canon. So you can't help but feel slightly deflated - it lacks the pleasingly diminutive shape of the Panasonic GF-1, for example, or the retro charm of the Olympus Pen series.

Another disappointment is the lack of a hinged rear LCD display; OLED technology or lot, this feels a bit of a let-down when articulating displays now come on several Micro Four Thirds models. Reason being, they make it easier to take photos.

samsung nx10

Although the Samsung NX10 is easy to handle and use, it's not quite as well thought out as a Canon or Nikon DSLR.

Take the rather oddly placed Menu button to the top left of the screen. You need to access the Menu button quite a lot, as there isn't a dedicated ISO (light sensitivity) or White Balance button. Until you get used to it, you tend to hit the flash button instead of the Menu button as they're quite close, and this soon gets very annoying.

The built-in Electronic Viewfinder (EVF) is a decent performer, certainly as good as you get with the Panasonic G1. Raise the Samsung NX10 to your eye and the viewfinder automatically takes over from the rear screen, which is a nice touch.

samsung nx10

As for the much-vaunted OLED rear screen, it's crisp, clear and colourful, though the fancy technology doesn't make that much difference to visibility in bright sunshine.

The onscreen interface is a cinch to use, and a rather helpful Function button makes it easy to adjust exposure settings and other parameters.

The Menu categories accessed via the EVF or rear screen are nigh foolproof, with the exception the Picture Wizard setting. This enables you to choose various picture styles (Landscape and Vivid for example). Simple enough, but we're not sure why black and white is called 'Classic' or what exactly 'Retro' is supposed to be (a sort of hand-coloured effect?)

We'd also like to see the image preview magnification implemented as a lever rather than a fiddly little button, and the lens cap is RUBBISH – it's cheap and nasty and kept falling off in our bag. There's no excuse for such plasticky crap on a camera of this calibre.