Ricoh's CX6 is comfortable to use - with its compact size and lightweight build it handles well when shooting, since it has a good rubber thumb grip. It has a very clean-looking smooth design with an attractive metallic finish to the body.

While some controls such as the function, menu and playback buttons are easy to use, others, such as the power and movie buttons, are cramped together and difficult to press.

The power button is placed too close to the zoom dial and is difficult to press, which makes powering on harder than it should be.

Ricoh CX6 review

The movie button could perhaps have benefited from being set a little further away from the thumb rest, just to make it a little more accessible. The zoom dial turns smoothly and the shutter button is within easy reach and responsive.

All the buttons have a plastic finish, and produce a slightly unpleasant click when pushed. They could perhaps be improved with a switch to metal buttons for a sleeker finish.

The scene dial can be difficult to turn at times, because it's set into the camera body.

Ricoh CX6 review

The menus are quickly accessible through the Menu button and are simple and easy to navigate, with changeable options scrolling out to the right. The design is clean and works well.

When operating in aperture or shutter priority mode the function button makes the aperture and shutter speed preferences easy to change.

The Ricoh CX6 also gives you the ability to pre-programme your two most frequently used settings, such as aperture and shutter speed, via two My Settings menus on the dial.

Ricoh CX6 review

This means that favoured shooting options are already set, ensuring that the crucial shooting opportunity is not missed while fiddling about with dials and settings.

All information is clearly displayed on the LCD screen in a way that doesn't disrupt or obscure the shooting or viewing of images.

The electronic level displayed on the screen demonstrates when the camera is level, indicated by it turning green. If the level is ignored or forgotten, then the skew correction mode can alter an image so that it becomes level again.

Ricoh CX6 review

Another feature, which is new to the CX range, is the automatic brightness adjustment of the screen. Whether shooting outside or indoors, the LCD screen always enables optimum viewing and shooting, adjusting automatically to light conditions and subject matter. There were no reflections from the screen, even in bright sunlight.

When adjusting exposure compensation, the bar is displayed on the left-hand side of the screen and demonstrates an instant application of any adjustments.