Nikon coolpix s1100pj

The projector is activated upon a press of a button on the top-plate, which is encircled by a dial for focusing. This button, being small and recessed into the dial, requires a good press for the projector to turn on, which may be awkward with larger fingers, but once on it's easy to operate the projector with the supplied remote (which is advised over touchscreen operation).

Controls on offer include starting slideshows, browsing through images and videos, and zoom functionality, and it also possible to change the volume over three levels for any recorded videos.

Projected images are well exposed and colourful, and maintain a contrast we'd expect from a projection, although this depends on the image and the conditions in which it is viewed. The projection can appear a little dull and muddy, particularly if the video has any shadowy details and if the viewing conditions are a little bright, but this is somewhat to be expected.

Sound quality is a little tinny from the camera's small rear speaker, but for capturing everyday scenes and family occasions this shouldn't be too great a deal; only when the recording contains little sound does background hiss become noticeable.