Nikon coolpix s1100pj

One of the better aspects of the camera's performance is its focusing system, which finds subjects with ease and locks on to them quickly, even when shooting conditions aren't great. Focusing and releasing the shutter at once can also be done through the touchscreen by simply pressing the desired area, although the afforementioned issue with responsiveness can make this tricky.

Post-capture, it takes a good couple of seconds for the image to be displayed, while browsing through images is made problematic by the sensitivity of the LCD screen, which requires a surprisingly firm swipe of the finger in order to cycle through stored images.

While the camera is capable of producing a good standard of image quality, overall performance is inconsistent. Metering is largely accurate, although the camera has a tendency to overexposure in certain situations. Highlight detail is generally well maintained, though, while colour in optimum conditions is punchy and vibrant, and largely faithful. In such conditions the camera can also produce images with a high level of detail, particularly at the centre of the frame.

White balance in the auto settings is largely fine, but occasionally leans towards coldness, particularly when there is less information in the scene for the camera work with. The main problem concerns the softness which characterises many images.

Noise and noise reduction leaves images looking heavily processed and devoid of detail, and remind us of the problem with cramming 14MP on a 1/2.3in sensor. Furthermore, images taken at the longer end of the zoom are soft and lacking in definition, despite the camera claiming to be within the limits of its image stabilisation technologies.

To compensate for all of this, the camera has a tendency to oversharpen images which creates unnatural edges, and again contributes to the general processed look of images.