Nikon coolpix s1100pj

The design of the S1100pj makes it clear that it follows on from its predecessor, but Nikon has arguably made the new model easier on the eye. Both the lens and projector have lost their more angular details, and are instead surrounded by circular motifs, while the projector's once-sliding focus switch has also been replaced by a round dial.

Furthermore, to better fit the larger LCD screen, all controls have been consolidated into three buttons on the back, which means that many key functions are now accessed directly through the touchscreen.

A stylus is supplied with the camera, which goes some way to explaining why many buttons are small and awkward to press with a finger, although the fiddly nature of using something so small is likely to frustrate some users.

It's not particularly helpful that the screen can often lack responsiveness too, all of which translates to an overall frustrating user experience.