Coolpix p7000

There's a huge amount to love about the P7000. It's small, it's tough, the lens is cracking and it takes great pictures. The video mode might not be too much to write home about but at least it's HD.

The manual dials all over the camera are definite plus points, and for photographers who know what they're doing it's fast to use, making none of the compromises that normally afflict compacts.

There is, however, a huge but. You won't pick up the P7000 for under £450, which is extremely expensive for a compact. For a mere fifty quid more you could get the Nikon D3100, which offers Full HD video recording, a faster burst mode (3fps to the P7000's 1.5fps), and of course, compatibility with Nikon's superb and voluminous range of professional lenses. It's actually only around twenty quid cheaper than the D5000, which remains a superb DSLR despite its age.

If you already have a DSLR and want a backup without investing in another interchangeable lens camera, the P7000 is a great choice. We love its performance and image quality. But by the same stroke, users looking for a backup body should seriously consider getting themselves another DSLR.

It'll relieve you of roughly the same amount of cash, and your backup camera will be compatible with the lenses and accessories you already own. Consider the P7000 if you're absolutely desperate to save space.

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