Fuji has produced another good camera to sit in its highly praised X line-up in the Fuji X-F1. Featuring the same sensor as the well loved Fuji X10, this is a camera that is likely to appeal to a different group of people.

With its stylish looks, that granted won't appeal to everyone, and ultra sleek body, Fuji is clearly aiming this at those people who want a camera to fit neatly into a pocket or a bag.

That said, with full manual control, a good sensor and the ability to shoot in raw format, it also offers a lot for the creative photographer.

It's likely to come down to personal taste whether you go for this or the X10, if you're drawn in by the Fuji brand.

We liked

Images straight from the camera need little editing, with bright, but not overly vibrant, colours. There's lots of options to get creative, with film simulation modes and art filters. Unlike many other cameras, you can also shoot in raw format when shooting in these modes, leaving you with a clean image to work with should you choose to.

We disliked

We would have liked to have seen a touchscreen on the Fuji X-F1, since selecting an autofocus point is a little fiddly without. The mechanism for opening and closing the lens is designed to make the camera sleek, but in practice we found it a little annoying to use, especially when the camera enters auto-off mode.

Final verdict

Even more style led than the other cameras in the range, the Fuji X-F1 is bound to appeal to those photographers who like something a little bit more unusual than the standard run of the mill point and shoots.

In terms of image quality, the camera can deliver some great shots, but it's marred a little by some of its handling quirks, which stop it being even better.