Canon powershot s90

At around £370 if you shop around, the PowerShot S90 makes a lot of sense as a backup for Canon SLR users, or as a versatile, high performance compact that you won't outgrow quickly.

Being able to shoot in RAW and process the files in Digital Photo Professional will obviously be a big advantage for Canon SLR users, but the PowerShot S90 is also very easy for photography novices to get to grips with.

We liked:

The biggest attractions are the fast, sharp lens, with an impressive f/2 maximum aperture, combined with an exemplary ISO performance (remember, you are getting the same sensor as the PowerShot G11, the jewel in Canon's compact crown).

The layout and design of the PowerShot S90 is generally good too, and the generous rear LCD beyond criticism.

We disliked:

The downsides are the occasionally fiddly ergonomics, the rather harsh flash, the restricted zoom, and of course, the lack of HD video recording.

We suspect it'll be this that determines whether the target market goes for this camera or buys an HD movie-enabled competitor like the Panasonic LX3 instead

Nearly £400 might not seem a lot in SLR terms, but we can't help thinking that Canon have been a bit stingy on the video front…