IXUS 310 hs box

Touch-screen aficionados will revel at the size and clarity of the 310 HS' monolithic LCD, although - in spite of putting in a generally good performance - there were occasions when we missed the immediacy of being able to switch modes using physical controls. These intermittent frustrations aside, image quality and low light performance is particularly impressive.

Throw in Full HD movie recording and superb build quality, and you end up with a very capable compact that compares favourably to its rivals.

IXUS 310 hs rear

We liked

Full HD movie capability with HDMI output, excellent build quality and a very impressive low-light performance are the 310 HS' main highlights.

We disliked

Some touch screen controls prove to a be a little fiddly to operate, and - for the same price or less - you could pick up one of the 310 HS' bigger-zoom rivals.