Image quality from the 310 HS is very pleasing, rendering natural colours with just enough punch to liven up your shots and a good level of detail. By default, jpegs (there's no option to shoot RAW) tend to turn out a little on the soft side, but a bit of sharpening in post crisps things up nicely.

Unfortunately, chromatic aberration is quite prominent in areas of high contrast, visible in some scenes even without zooming into 100%. On the other hand, distortion at the extremes of the lens' focal lengths and vignetting are well-controlled and white balance performance is pretty accurate under a range of lighting conditions.

Noise is present from around ISO 800, but remains unobtrusive throughout the 310 HS' sensitivity range. The camera's on-board noise reduction does a good job of keeping images looking squeaky clean, however the price you pay is loss of detail and contrast, with a fair degree of softening at the top end of the ISO range.