Sony MHS-PM5K Bloggie review

Pocket-friendly camcorder with Full HD resolution and rotating lens

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Camcorders this size and specification really offer a fantastic and affordable solution for recording video and pictures.

They help to address the problems of carrying something that doesn't feel like a bulky burden and the fear of losing an expensive piece of equipment.

We liked:

The rotating lens, though a simple enough idea, does give the bloggie an edge when it comes to versatility, and when combined with the 360° lens it's possible to grab some truly different and exciting images.

Being able to share clips and images online so quickly is a real benefit and the bloggie excels in this department. It's such an uncomplicated process that it means there's no need to think twice at the prospect of broadcasting something online – provided it's not the content of the movie that you're embarrassed about.

And Sony should get a pat on the back for taking the plunge and making the PM5K SD/SDHC-card compatible, as it simply removes one of the reasons for not getting the bloggie in the first place.

We disliked:

There's no dodging the problems of jerky movement on some video footage, and it's frustrating to lose features – such as zoom – when choosing to shoot in 1,920 x 1,080.

The ability to record quickly and effectively is a must on a product like this and a more responsive record button has to be at the front of the queue next time around. While an HDMI socket may increase the price, it'd be a powerful addition to be able to view those Full HD images on a tiptop HD set.

Final verdict:

Great fun to use and supremely efficient when it comes to sharing movie and stills, the PM5K bloggie needs to up its game when it comes video capabilities because in many other areas it's a diverting and entertaining shooter.