Toshiba 47WL968 review

Great upscaling and 3D star on this flagship TV with BBC iPlayer

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Far from being a second-rate technology designed for budget TVs, 3D Natural - a polarised, passive 3D tech - here continues its journey towards being a premium TV feature.

It succeeds, but takes second place to Toshiba's upscaling processing, which in this era of mixed SD, HD and 3D sources makes another stab at being one of the TV world's most useful processing features.

We liked

Resolution+ brightens and sharpens with extraordinary consistency and precision, lifting 2D Blu-ray and standard definition TV fare alike. Contrast and colour also impress.

Meanwhile, the digital file support is extensive enough, and the outward design is attractive. The inclusion of four pairs of 3D specs further lifts our impression of the Toshiba 47WL968 as a good value big screen TV that hosts BBC iPlayer.

We disliked

Although it's a smart TV, the Toshiba 47WL968 doesn't feature the most advanced interface or a comprehensive selection of apps.

Its key processing technologies, ClearScan (which sadly doesn't work on 3D) and Resolution+, both cause slight artefacts. Lastly, the remote control is poor; a flagship TV such as this deserves much better.

Final verdict

The Toshiba 47WL968 offers awesome 2D Blu-ray and a comfortable, convenient 3D mode, but more besides.

Those after a smart TV will find BBC iPlayer and the chance to stream some movies within an otherwise limited selection of apps. Four pairs of 3D specs, a fabulous design and the awesome Resolution+ upscaling tech make this a good value all-rounder for any living room.

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