Toshiba 47WL968 review

Great upscaling and 3D star on this flagship TV with BBC iPlayer

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Despite all the 3D goodness and hi-definition detail, it's the Resolution+ feature that once again impresses us.

Seemingly more powerful than ever, a broadcast of This Morning looks so much sharper - particularly backgrounds - with Resolution+ switched on, though even with it deactivated images from Freeview HD are clean and contrast-heavy.

Toshiba 47WL968 review

That doesn't apply to all channels, but even low quality adverts retain a togetherness that's rare on all but top-end TVs.

ClearScan doesn't make much difference while watching broadcast TV, the exception being vertical camera pans, which do look smoother.

2D Blu-ray

Resolution+ again earns its corn during a run-through of Pacific on 2D Blu-ray, brightening detail and increasing the subtlety of colours. It's especially noticeable in close-ups, though during murky scenes it also wins out; raindrops glistening in moonlight on a car windscreen are carefully brightened with Resolution+ engaged. The resulting extra fine detail, within dark areas especially, borders on awesome.

There is a slight judder during camera pans, and a some loss of resolution when WWII gets going, and though it's not serious, you can turn to ClearScan.

Toshiba 47WL968 review

What we're looking for here is a return to plasma-like fluidity, and that's almost exactly what ClearScan does. It creates a smooth, hyper-real picture, though it's only worth bothering with on either 'middle' or 'high' settings, both of which cause artefacts around moving elements of the picture (a by-product of ClearScan's inserting of new frames of video).

Perhaps it's best left alone on this TV, since the native panel doesn't need much help.

Toshiba 47WL968 review

Elsewhere, the Toshiba 47WL968 impresses with its contrast. Black areas of the image contain just enough shadow detail, and there's no suggestion of light leakage from those LEDs.

Lastly in 2D, the viewing angle proves much wider than on budget LCD TVs.

3D Blu-ray

With Hugo on 3D Blu-ray it's immediately obvious that the Toshiba 47WL968 is a bit special in this department. It is possible to see the horizontal lines in the panel - a trait of its polarised filter - but it's otherwise easy to watch.

Simple depth-effect shots such as when Maximilian the dog stares at the camera, and another of Claude's boots, are displayed with impressive clarity and depth of field.

Toshiba 47WL968 review

We implore you to make sure that Resolution+ is engaged whenever you watch in 3D, since this fabulous feature unveils a new level of detail in the image, brightening parts of the background and generally increasing shadow detail in any dark areas.

Even a pedestrian sequence where Hugo and Isabelle bring Rene to the house benefits hugely from Resolution+, which adds a lot of detail to close-ups, and subtlety to colours.

Toshiba 47WL968 review

However, it's not all good news. During Hugo we did notice some motion artefacts around characters as they moved their heads. It appears to be caused by Resolution+, which is a shame.

ClearScan, which would make sequences such as the opening panoramic shots of Hugo that bit more fluid, is unfortunately not available during 3D viewing.