Toshiba 46vl753

With design such an important part of the TV market now, it makes perfect sense for Toshiba to have paid a professional, well-respected design agency, Jacob Jensen Design, to come up with a look for a new premium TV range. Especially as Toshiba hasn't done a properly premium range for some time.

It's a pity the results of the design assistance haven't resulted in a more dramatic aesthetic result, but the TV certainly exudes high build quality.

The set's feature count is respectable, too, with 100Hz and Active Vision picture processing, and multimedia tools that include DivX HD, MP3 and JPEG playback from USB storage devices plus YouTube and BBC iPlayer access.

The main problem with the TV is that, while the 46VL758's pictures are capable of looking excellent with bright, colourful HD footage, it struggles at other times, chiefly thanks to some backlight consistency issues. Also, its sound is below average even by the traditionally underwhelming standards of skinny TVs.

With these performance shortcomings in mind, the 46VL758 looks rather expensive: not a charge one has been able to level at a Toshiba TV for quite a while.

We liked

The set's build quality is terrific, as are some aspects of its design, especially its slimness.

We also like the lengths the TV goes to help you calibrate pictures as well as playback of DivX HD from USB devices.

Its pictures are bright, colour-rich and sharp with good HD sources and it's better than many rivals with standard-def.

We disliked

The design isn't quite as original as it might have been, considering that it is the work of a respected third-party design studio.

The need for Windows 7 on your PC to enjoy full multimedia PC streaming playback seems unnecessarily finnicky and complicated, too.

But worse is the extent of backlight inconsistency visible in pictures and the feeble audio.

Final Verdict

It's good to see Toshiba trying to re-establish itself at the premium end of the market rather than just slugging it out for budget domination.

It's also great to find it announcing a new premium intention with such an uncompromisingly well built and slinky – if hardly earth shattering – TV.

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