Toshiba 46vl753


Sadly the 46VL758 is another ultra-slim TV with a disappointing sound system. Particularly evident is the almost complete lack of bass in the soundstage, which leaves action scenes feeling thin, unbalanced and one-dimensional.

The mid-range is narrower than most, leaving voices (especially male ones) sounding unrealistic and sound mixes in general sounding a bit muddy. Even the treble end of the audio spectrum is a let down, sounding harsh when pushed at all hard.


The 46VL758's high price tag makes it a high-end 46-inch TV, in town but this isn't, sadly, underwritten by suitably top-notch performance.

Ease of use

The 46VL753 scores about average in this section. On the upside, its remote control is glossy and reasonably comfortable to hold, aside from feeling a little lightweight. Its buttons are more responsive and 'clicky' than the rather squishy efforts found on lower-rent Toshiba remotes, too.

The only catch with the remote is that Toshiba has decided to place many of the most frequently used buttons very close together. This makes sense on one level, perhaps, but the result is a section of the remote that feels too cluttered with fiddly little buttons.

The 46VL758's onscreen menus, meanwhile, are severely lacking in presentational skills. There's scarcely an icon or graphic in sight, leaving you facing the sort of white text on dark background appearance that would have looked dated in 2008, never mind 2010.

To be fair, the menu structure built around this text approach is reasonably logical, but it's not unreasonable to expect something higher-tech on a premium TV these days.