Toshiba 40WL753 review

Can Toshiba's networkable Freeview HD LED TV help it catch up with its flatscreen rivals?

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Toshiba 40wl753

The 40WL753 represents a bit of a stop-gap for Toshiba, forming the bridge between last-year's non-Freeview HD models and the imminent souped-up 3D sets.

We liked:

The remote control, while a bit plasticky, is intuitive and easy to use, as are the menu screens. It's here where you'll find some quite detailed picture calibration tweaks. Resolution+ continues to provide some of the best standard-def upscaling in the business, and pictures, whether from the in-built tuner or Blu-ray were artefact free and sharp (depending on the source material).

We disliked:

The 40WL753 lacks decent contrast, which affects how its images look and feel in general. The audio performance is mediocre, too. Offering only one connected TV service is a bit galling, especially as it's so cumbersome to use. Lastly, we're not exactly enamoured with the Toshiba's design – next time, make the bezel a lot thinner, eh?


Mid-range TVs will always suffer in comparison to higher-end, premium-styled, feature-heavy sets, but unfortunately for Toshiba the 40WL753 doesn't fare well when considered against its fellow £800-odd flatscreens. The picture performance is solid but lacking panache, the design is a bit odd and the YouTube feature is something that you'll probably only ever play with once.

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