Toshiba 40sl753 2

With some brands making at least a little progress with the audio they're getting out of their LCD TVs this year, Toshiba, sadly, seems to be heading the opposite way.


Perhaps because of its slimness, the 40SL753 produces a rather one-dimensional soundstage, adequate enough for normal day to day viewing, but too thin and compressed to sound at all convincing with even a half-decent Hollywood action scene.

Considered in the context of other edge LED 40-42in TVs, the 40SL753's £850 asking price looks pretty reasonable. A hundred pounds or so less than we might have anticipated, in fact.

Panasonic's P42S20 plasma TV is around for roughly the same money and outguns the Toshiba on picture quality, at least where HD movies are concerned.

But the 40SL753 model has multimedia features and design on its side, and arguably produces a better standard definition picture. So we guess it's a case of horses for courses.