Toshiba 32UL863B review

A 32-inch TV with Smart features and solid pictures

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Toshiba 32ul863b

Toshiba's UL series should go down well with shoppers because it packs in plenty of worthwhile features but doesn't bother with any of that silly 3D TV nonsense.

This 32-inch model is perhaps too small for serious movie addicts, but will slot in as a kitchen/bedroom/office set without any problem - especially if you want to ping (certain) media around your home.

The smart portal isn't as advanced as some of the competition (Samsung and Sony, with their two different approaches, are definitely the market leaders here), but is neat and responsive - it'll be interesting to see how the Japanese brand develops it further.

Picture quality is commendable, and helped by an unobtrusive edge LED system and plenty of adjustments. Blu-rays come across as rich, sharp and detailed, and standard-definition TV from the built-in tuner doesn't fare too badly either.

We liked

The pictures of the Toshiba Regza 32UL863B are hard to criticise at this size and price point. HD viewing is a pleasure and standard-definition channels look stable.

The cute remote control and user interface also makes it a joy to use, and adds to the TV's overall appeal. The list of features is long and the connections on offer should be enough for everyone.

We disliked

The most obvious problem with the Toshiba Regza 32UL863B is its very average audio, which will struggle to fill a decent-sized living room.

Our other complaints are less serious - the menu icons could do with being a tad larger, smartphone control needs extending to the Android platform and file support over DLNA isn't extensive.

Also, Toshiba's Places portal feels under-used - how about adding a net-radio service at least?

Final verdict

Toshiba's Regza 32UL863B is a great addition to the brand's range, with an enticing mix of cutting-edge features and performance. It will make a great second room set, and could cut it as the centrepiece of a living room setup if you can live with below-par sonics or have your own sound system.