Toshiba 32SL738
The 32SL738 looks good and is well connected, with a very attractive price

The remote control feels cheap and plasticky and doesn't rest comfortably in your hand. The layout feels anti-intuitive, with the important buttons along the bottom of the remote falling to hand less readily than the larger but less important numerical buttons at the top. The main menu button is particularly awkward to reach, as well as being extremely tiny.

The onscreen menus, meanwhile, look dull and dated, filling your field of vision with lots of boring text and not doing anything to streamline your route to certain feature areas.

Two examples of this latter point are the lack of a direct means of accessing the TV's Media Player (for USB playback) and the hiding of an important Game Mode within an unhelpfully named Preferences menu (why not put it in with the other picture presets?).

The EPG is decently presented compared to the main menus, though it's slightly clumsily executed. Rather than the usual approach of leaving the channel you were watching playing while you browse the listings for other channels, instead it changes to whatever channel you select on the list, and then presents you with the next few hours of entertainment on that channel on the EPG.

This seems to run contrary to the idea that you use an EPG mostly to browse for a time slot or a specific programme rather than a channel. Plus, having to change channel every time you move to a different channel on the EPG really slows down browsing.

One final barrier to a straightforward relationship with the 32SL738 is its unhelpfully concise instructions manual.