Toshiba 32hl833b

Its provision of just two HDMI inputs will leave the majority of households struggling, at least occasionally, to find a home for a DVD or Blu-ray player, games console or Sky/Virgin box. Nor is there an Ethernet port, which means that DLNA networking and Freeview HD are off the menu.

Poor speakers and a worse remote don't endear us to the 32HL833B, but there are enough good points to recommend this for living rooms - including a decent picture from Blu-ray and its ability with digital media via USB.

We liked

Great colour saturations, decent sharpness and contrast do enough to deliver a sense of cinema, and though it's not the reference-level picture that home cinemas deserve, it's as natural as it gets at this size and price.

DivX playback is handy and the detail in Blu-ray is superb, while DVD and Freeview are watchable.

We disliked

Just two HDMI inputs and no Freeview HD are major concerns, while an unresponsive remote and plain odd Freeview EPG don't make the 32HL833B a TV that's always easy to use.

Blur and judder can be cured to some extent, but only at the cost of sharpness, while the viewing angle is surprisingly tight.


The 32HL833B is a basic TV that brings edge LED backlit cinematic pictures to living rooms. Its restricted picture just about achieves all-round respectability, but it badly misses a DVB-T2 tuner and a soundbar/home cinema upgrade is imperative, though multimedia skills are surprisingly good.

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