Sony KDL-37EX524 review

The fast-disappearing 37-inch category gets a shot in the arm courtesy of this Sony model

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Sony kdl 37ex524


Sony's recent flat TV output has been rather hit and miss where sound is concerned, but happily the 37EX524 falls marginally into the 'hit' camp. It sounds more powerful than most very slim TVs, leading at sensible volumes to a decently open, clear mid-range - with authentic vocals - and some accurate and plentiful treble detailing.

Just don't try and run the set too loud though, for there's a clear point beyond which the speakers suddenly give up the ghost quite spectacularly, causing vocals to fuzz and the TV's bodywork to buzz.


How cheap you find the 37EX524 essentially depends very much on how much you want/value its Bravia Internet Video service. For if you're not attracted by BIV's charms, then the set's merely solid picture quality might not be enough in itself to justify the set's cost. If you do fancy an extensive on-tap stream of on-demand video, though, the 37EX524's BIV charms make it look like a pretty decent deal.

Ease of use

Here Sony giveth and Sony taketh away, it seems. On the 'giving' side, Sony has revamped its BIV onscreen menu system to good effect, making the wealth of content it carries much easier to navigate than it was on previous generations of BIV TVs.

The rest of Sony's revamped onscreen menus, though, aren't nearly as helpful. They're confusingly presented, confusingly divided in terms of what features go in which menu, and unhelpfully organised, with access to some of the most commonly needed features requiring you to cycle past lots of far less useful features en route.

The remote control is a decent effort, though. Its gently concave top edge feels comfortable to use, and the button layout is spacious and reasonably logical. The only potential cause of trouble is the use of a concentric circle button layout at the remote's 'heart'. But even this, once you've got used to it, shouldn't cause you any consistent problems.