Sony screen angle

The KDL-32EX403 is an everyman big-brand TV. It sits just above the maelstrom of shopping trolley tellies and in that context perhaps looks a little expensive, but its basic feature spread is solid.

Considering the screen has been deprived of Sony's more glamorous picture processing technology, presumably discriminated against due to screen size and positioning, it does an OK job; it is smooth and pleasingly artefact-free.

Its biggest attraction is as a conduit for Sony's sprawling Bravia Internet Video IPTV empire and the upstart Qriocity VOD movie streaming service. Watch a lot of catch-up TV and YouTube? Sit back and enjoy. However, this is not a screen for you if you intend to stream media across your own network, or from USB sticks: file compatibility is just too limited.

We liked

The diversity of streaming video content available from Sony's Bravia Internet Video portal is impressive. The lack of picture processing artefacts in its images is pleasing to the eye and the XrossMediaBar interface is a pleasure to use.

We disliked

The relatively low motion picture resolution is a disappointment, audio is congested and the video file support offered for network streaming is miserly. The lack of MKV support from USB and limited contrast and black levels also grate mildly.

Final verdict

The KDL-32EX403 is an unadventurous, slightly overweight, entry-level Sony TV that delivers a relatively good picture given its lack of picture processing muscle. It's also a winner when it comes to IPTV.

The range of content available from both the Bravia Internet Video service and Sony's new Qriocity streaming video movie service continue to impress, helping to make this a good choice for couch potatoes on a budget.

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