Sony bravia kdl 52hx903 side 2

Given that the 52HX903 is fairly chunky by today's standards, its audio is underwhelming. It stands up to everyday TV stuff OK, but as soon as it's pushed hard with a robust film soundtrack, trebles start to sound distinctly tinny, the mid-range sounds thin and unconvincing and bass becomes largely non-existent.

Three grand is, without question, a considerable ask for a 52in TV, especially one that asks you to cough up an extra £150 minimum for its 3D features, and still more if you want to add Wi-Fi.

Against this, though, is the simple fact that the set produces 2D pictures that frequently look nothing short of magnificent, and good, if flawed, 3D pictures with the 3D transmitter attached.

Plus, the set looks a million dollars and has some of the best multimedia capability around.