A touch shrill at high volumes, the KDL-46EX503 nevertheless puts in a reasonable performance with sound. The sheer size of the screen – and hence the speakers – obviously helps, though it's largely down to the set's S-Force Front Surround setting.

Designed to create quasi-5.1 effects it may be (it does nothing of the sort), but the expansive soundstage it creates is worth engaging for DVD and Blu-ray movie soundtracks. That said, Clear Voice does bring dialogue to the front of the mix, but it's at the cost of all other effects so is best ignored unless you're watching dialogue-heavy TV.

As a non-LED/3D model perhaps this screen's biggest competitor is Samsung's LE46C650, which similarly combines Freeview HD with some online content (Internet@TV platform), but is priced much lower – we spotted a price as small as £810, which is remarkably low for a 46in screen.

Other competitors include Sharp's LED-strung LC-46LE700E, Panasonic's TX-46G20B plasma and LG's low-priced 50PK990 plasma.

Further up the scale, Sony's KDL-46NX703 and Sharp's LC-46LE821E are considerably more expensive.