Pictures as strong and dynamic as those delivered by the 40Z5800 clearly deserve to be partnered by equally potent audio. But unfortunately the 40Z5800's speakers seldom if ever rise above a fundamentally average level of performance, mostly thanks to the way a core lack of power prevents the TV from filling your room with an immersive soundstage.

Instead sound seems to become trapped inside the TV during heavy duty action scenes, as the speakers turn in on themselves to avoid distortion rather than opening up to meet the challenge.

While disappointing on such an otherwise high-powered TV, though, this audio state of affairs is hardly unique on TVs with extremely slim bezels.


It's impossible to ignore the fact that there are much cheaper Freesat TVs available from Panasonic and LG. But then the 40Z5800 does go some distance to justifying its cost with its online functionality, good multimedia support, 'real' 200Hz engine and, above all, its terrific picture quality.