Sharp lc 46le831e

Throw on a 3D Blu-ray disc and there's very little blur evident on the Sharp LC-46LE831E – the panel here boasts a seriously fast response time. Precise but perhaps not 100 per cent natural looking (thanks to the slight flicker), the contrast between bright and completely black is stunning – especially the peak whites – while there's no sign of crosstalk or echoed images.

Sharp claims that this TV runs with around 30 per cent less crosstalk than its 2010 3D TVs, and we're in broad agreement on that figure.

Aside from clean and crisp 3D, the Sharp LC-46LE831E's strength is in colour. By adding yellow, Quattron's unique RGB-Y pixel structure appears more able to reproduce light shades, though 2D is much brighter than 3D material.

A lot of edge LED-lit LCD TVs have blotches of brightness strewn around the sides of the panel, but that's not that case here. Brightness is uniform with little visible leakage; that extra light coming through the additional yellow sub-pixel can only be helping matters.

The proof that RGB-Y is the way forward comes immediately, with some great contrast and localised dimming. In a 2D playing of Avatar, this TV picks out details of the Pandora night that most miss, such as the pin-pricks of light against the black forest, although the blackest areas of the image are somewhat empty of detail.

The Film Mode frame insertion and scanning backlight 200Hz features on the Sharp LC-46LE831E can be waxed and waned, but used on a mid-to-high setting can produce a processed look from all sources. Some will find it a price worth paying for the smoothness and stunning detail, while others won't like the slightly forced appearance.

We'd suggest fiddling with the settings to get this bang on; we settled on 'advanced (low)' for Film Mode and 'high' for the scanning backlight.

Standard definition channels are smooth and clear, as long as the sharpness setting is on half-power at most. Any stronger and jagged edges and fuzzy graphics result, but overall standard definition content is all presented very well.

The viewing angle is much better on the Sharp LC-46LE831E than on most LCD TVs, although there's noticeably more light visible in the opposite corner if you watch from the wings.


While two 10W speakers are par for the course at this size and price, it's unusual to see a 15W subwoofer also included. Although we're not sure where the latter innovation resides within the slim frame, it adds a little something to the audio mix.

The 3D mode's surround feature offers four modes – 3D Movie, 3D Standard, Normal and 3D Hall. The first makes dialogue sound 'tunnelled' and the last produces a pointless echo, but 3D Standard produces a perfect mix of strong vocals and a decent amount of bass.

It's a whole lot better than most TVs, and just about enough for watching a movie.

Despite its above average audio performance, screens as advanced as this are destined for use in a home cinema setting where there's usually a separate sound system, so in some ways it's a wasted skill.