Sharp lc 37le320

Sharp's LC-37LE320 is well turned-out LED screen, with advanced USB media playback capabilities. Those running a sneakernet (carrying files around on USB by foot rather than streaming across a network) will appreciate that such a wide range of video formats are supported.

Image quality is also generally good, with vibrant colour and fine detail from good sources. The 100Hz/Film mode picture processing needs to be approached with caution, however, because it does contribute additional motion artefacts.

It's unfortunate that the screen does not have an integrated Freeview HD tuner and there are also general usability foibles, which won't endear it casual viewers, but we recommend an audition if you can find it at an attractive price.

We liked

The LC-37LE320 boasts comprehensive USB video file support; interesting cabinet design and vibrant, bright images from Blu-ray

We disliked

The LC-37LE320's lack of any network capability, the absence of a Freeview HD tuner and the motion artefacts associated with 100Hz picture processing are setbacks that should be considered

Final verdict

Sharp continues to manoeuvre back into the upper tier of LCD TV makers with this solid, LED backlit model. The screen is probably more notable for what it lacks (Freeview HD and networking capability) than what it has, but image sharpness and color vibrancy count for a lot; at its best in relatively high brightness environments.