Sharp LC-32LE600E review

Old-fashioned 32" LCD is killed-off by this Sharp's budget LED model

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In keeping with this set's rather basic specification, there's little to get excited about from its onboard audio.

You'll find the LC-32LE600E two stereo speakers on the set's undercarriage, and with a slim-ish frame there's no room for them to produce much in the way of bass.

That's the main problem, especially if you're going to watch a lot of movies, because with general TV, sound is acceptable.

The detail present in dialogue-based fare is impressive though background effects aren't, while the lack of low frequency sound makes treble thin and unconvincing. The size of the TV doesn't allow for effective stereo, of course, though Sharp has loaded on a Dolby Digital Plus Surround Sound module.

Sound issues

As usual, this quasi-surround mode isn't quite what's billed. It's designed to take the 7.1 channels of sound found on most Blu-ray discs and faithfully deliver them through 2 channels.

And although this clearly isn't as impressive as a home cinema (it's not even close and can even lessen the level of dialogue in the sound mix) there is an effective separation that does make sense during movies. Just don't expect real surround sound.

If you're after a home cinema sound proper, you'll have to use … well, you guessed it. Luckily, the LC-32LE600E's rear connections panel does include an optical digital audio output, so you can route sound from the set's integrated Freeview TV tuner (and every other source) from the TV straight into a home cinema amplifier.