Samsung ue65c8000 2

You'll be giddy with excitement as soon as you clap eyes on the UEC65800; it's easily one of the most advanced, desirable flatscreens on the market and produces, at its best, some absolutely astonishing pictures.

We liked:

Samsung's net TV service has come a long way since it first launched: it's quick and a doddle to get used to, and now has some genuinely useful features. Then there's the jaw-dropping neighbour-infuriating design of the TV itself.

And lastly, and most importantly, we liked the picture quality. 2D hi-def performance is top class, and 3D images pack a real punch. The bigger the screen, the better this new home entertainment format looks.

We disliked:

That £5K price tag will hurt all but the healthiest bank balances and Samsung ought to be ashamed to marry such excellent imagery to such underpowered sonics.

Then there's the occasional tell-tale light pooling from the screen's edge LEDs when viewing bright content on a dark screen. Motion Plus activating as standard is a mistake and wireless connectivity ought to be built into a premium screen such as this.


You will want Samsung's newest 3DTV as soon as you see it in action. The picture performance is first rate, the feature-set brilliant and it looks beautiful.

Audio performance may let it down somewhat, but if you've spent £5K on a monster-sized connected TV, you've got a few quid left over for a dedicated sound system, surely?

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