Samsung ue46c7000

Able to display 2D and 3D – and even convert one into the other (great if you've just shelled-out on extra 3D glasses), Samsung's UE46C7000 is stuck in the middle. Not able to produce brilliant 3D but excellent with 2D, it has much the same problems as its far better looking Series 8 and Series 9 screens.

We liked

Freeview HD and 2D Blu-ray are sublime, while standard-definition fare is upscaled well. BBC iPlayer via Internet@TV service is a bonus, as is pausing and recording live TV, while the touch sensitive remote control is better than most. It's far from perfect, but 2D to 3D conversion is worth persevering with if you're set on creating a 3D experience.

We disliked

Confusing, uncomfortable 3D and a feeling that even this 46-inch size isn't large enough, with edge LED backlighting that's uneven and blotchy, Samsung is being a tad too ambitious with the UE46C7000. The slimness will appeal to some, though if you're after a seriously cinematic picture it's always best to completely ignore aesthetics – and slimness always comes at a price.

Final verdict

We're not sure who the UE46C7000 is aimed at. For a number of reasons, active shutter 3D footage looks far better on a much cheaper, bigger plasma, as proved by Samsung itself. There's also still a niggling feeling that even this huge size of screen just isn't big enough for 3D to be completely convincing – and a warning to avoid 2011's upcoming raft of 32-inch '3D-ready' TVs.

Which, in effect, makes this 7 Series screen – and all of the other screens higher-up in Samsung's range – all about edge LED, and all about depth. If you're after a shallow screen, you've got a great candidate in the UE46C7000, though even its relatively stylish good looks don't compare to its 9 Series siblings.

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