Samsung 40c7000 3d tv

The 3D concept is obviously going to be of most interest for potential buyers.

We all know roughly how it works; the TV image is split into two, shot from slightly different angles; the glasses separate the images into left and right eye, and the brain combines them to give an illusion of depth. If you only have one eye, it's not going to work for you.

The TV's 3D functions support resolutions of 1280x720p at 50/60Hz, 1920x1080i at 50/60Hz, and 1920x1080p at 24/30/50/60Hz. In PC input mode, resolution is set to 1920x1080.

There are various functions to adjust the 3D effect, including a Depth parameter, and L/R Picture Correction.

Samsung 40c7000 3d tv

So we sat and watched a Monsters Vs. Aliens 3D Blu-ray disc. Samsung will be bundling this with some hardware options – in the UK this seems unlikely to be with the TV or the BD player, it'll more likely ship with a glasses pack.

Either way, it's a strong title to aim at the family market, but it doesn't go over the top with its 3D effects; most of them are quite subtle, with only the odd in-your-face effect.

It's hard to explain stereoscopic 3D if you've never seen it; it certainly adds a sense of depth to the image, but it's more like a pop-up book than Star Wars hologram; in other words, you tend to see objects in the foreground, while the background is, er, in the background.

Then occasionally something will leap out of the depth plane and appear to be in front of the screen.

The question is how solid the effect appears; if there's any blur around the edges of objects, the effect is spoiled.

Samsung 40c7000 3d tv

As for the 2D-to-3D conversion, we were just amazed that it worked at all.

Of course, the frame-delay technique it uses to generate the 3D effects gives unpredictable results; we got some good effects with footage of skaters on an ice rink, but with an image of newsreaders at a desk, their heads appeared to be in the foreground and their bodies in the background; most disconcerting.

We can't imagine it adding much enjoyment to Eastenders.