Samsung ue32d5000

If you want to be bombarded by brainy network-based functions and other cutting-edge tricks currently en vogue in the AV market then the UE32D5000 is not the set for you. If you want a TV with Freeview HD, then again give this set a miss.

But if you want a stylish, easy-to-use TV that delivers superb pictures with Blu-ray and Freeview, then the very likeable UE32D5000 is well worth investigating.

We liked

The UE32D5000's pictures are remarkably vibrant, natural and detailed, making Blu-ray discs look more dazzling than you'd expect on a small screen at this price.

It's typically stylish for a Samsung set too, and features-wise the inclusion of USB ports and DLNA media streaming are welcome at this price, particularly given how well they work. The attractive onscreen menu design and intuitive remote make it extremely easy to use.

We disliked

The UE32D5000's inclusion of a standard Freeview tuner over an HD one is a blunder in our book, and could deter a great number of people who expect HD channels as standard when investing in a new TV.

Although decent, the UE32D5000's black level don't hit the heights of the best LED sets and although its price puts the absence of Smart Hub into context, we're inevitably disappointed that it's not here.

Final verdict

The UE32D5000's status as a showpiece living-room TV is undermined by the lack of features, such as 3D, Smart Hub, Wi-Fi and Freeview HD, but if you want to bring full HD into the kitchen or bedroom – where HD pictures and fancy functions might not be as essential – then the UE32D5000 is a terrific choice, particularly at such a knock-down price.

Throw dashing looks, DLNA, a top-notch operating system, and excellent picture quality into the mix and life looks even rosier for this cracking 32-inch set.

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