Samsung ue32d5000

Samsung has placed all the connections facing sideways on the rear of the UE32D5000, which again helps when wall mounting.

There's a surprisingly generous selection of sockets too, given the price and amount of space available on the rear – you get no less than four HDMI inputs, component/composite video input (through the supplied minijack adapter cable), 15-pin D-Sub PC input with separate audio input and an RGB Scart input, which again requires an adapter cable due to the slimness of the screen.

You'll also find optical digital audio and headphone outputs, a common interface slot for adding Pay TV channels and two USB ports.

The UE32D5000 doesn't feature built-in Wi-Fi, so if you want a wireless web connection you'll need to fork out for Samsung's optional dongle and connect it to one of those USB ports. If not, there's always the Ethernet port to fall back on.

Wi-Fi is just one of the high-profile features missing from the UE32D5000's spec sheet. Another is Smart Hub, Samsung's latest internet content portal, which is a pity given the excellent range of video, music and social networking sites it provides, but forgivable given the price tag.

But we're in a much less charitable mood over the lack of a Freeview HD tuner, which we thought would be pretty much standard on all flatpanel sets by now. We can't imagine why anyone would want to buy a full HD LED set that's limited to bog-standard standard-definition Freeview, even at this price. Even if you're a Sky HD viewer, it's still good to know your set has built-in HD channels should you ever need them.

And anyone hoping to delve into the third dimension is out of luck. There's no support for 3D, given that the HDMI inputs are all v1.3, but not many budget buyers would expect to get 3D compatibility at this knock-down price.

Anyway, it's not all bad news. The UE32D5000 supports DLNA media streaming, which means you can access music, movies and photos stored on PCs or mobile devices hooked up to your home network. This is undoubtedly a clever feature and the ability to stream videos will be a godsend if you have gigabytes' worth of movies and photos sitting dormant on PC hard-drives.

But as an aside, we do question how useful music streaming is on a TV, given the notoriously bad sound quality offered by most flatpanel sets. You can also play media from USB storage devices and external HDDs, with a list of supported formats that includes DivX HD, MP3, WMA, AVI, WMV and JPEG. The UE32D5000 doesn't support external HDD recording though.

As for picture tech, the UE32D5000 is driven by Samsung's Hyper Real Engine, backed up by Clear Motion 100Hz processing to help clean up that old LCD bugbear of motion blur using a combination of the UE32D5000 chipset, panel and backlight. Meanwhile, Wide Colour Enhancer Plus aims to reveal even the subtlest tones.