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Samsung PS60E6500 review

Great value 60-inch plasma that brings down both the price and the house with its all-round performance

Samsung PS60E6500

Although judged purely on picture quality the PS60E6500 isn't in quite the same league as Panasonic's high-end plasmas, it's a closer run thing than we'd imagined.

We liked

As smart as any TV out there, the PS60E6500 excels with 3D. We're talking smooth, depth-filled images that are comfortable to watch, though 2D action is none too shabby either.

It's great to see both Freesat HD and Freevew HD tuners inside, too, with HD channels playing a star role against standard definition channels that somehow look watchable on a 60-inch screen.

We disliked

The PS60E6500 does have some minor issues with motion, brightness and black response, though our main criticisms are rather minor; a backlit, more responsive remote control would be nice, as would a fourth HDMI input and a third USB slot.

The ability to customise the Smart Hub home screen – which is cluttered with apps that appeal to everyone individually, though to no-one en masse – would also make for a more streamlined look and feel.

Final verdict

A very good, but not a great plasma, this 60-incher still steals a march on similarly-sized LCD/LED TVs on versatility, picture quality and value.

Some minor issues with motion and brightness aside, this app-packed, media-savvy giant is a fine all-rounder that excels with 3D.

Also consider

If you're set on achieving a 60-inch screen and you want a 3D telly, the best option is a plasma. Kinder to low quality sources than LED-backlit LCD TVs, plasmas of this size are sold by Samsung, LG and – most notably – by Panasonic.

The latter goes either side of this size, with the 55-inch TX-P55ST50B (£2,000) and 65-inch TX-P65ST50B (£2,500) worth considering for ultimate picture quality and smart TV features galore.

If money's no problem, consider the range-topping Panasonic TX-P65VT50B (£3,499).

Meanwhile, LG's flagship 3D plasma is the 60-inch 60PM970T (£1,500), though if you forgo both 3D and smart TV apps, its low-priced 60PA650T (£999) plasma could be worth investigating.

For 60-inch options in the Edge LED world of similar low price, Sharp's LC60LE636E (£999) could be an option, though this Freeview HD-endowed set doesn't have 3D compatibility.