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Samsung PS60E6500 review

Great value 60-inch plasma that brings down both the price and the house with its all-round performance

Samsung PS60E6500

Though bright enough for most rooms, the PS60E6500 is noticeably less bright than Panaosnic's 2012 plasmas.

Personally we don't mind this, being of the mind that most LCD TVs' backlights need to be lessened hugely before becoming watchable.

Hugo in 2D impresses, with a subdued, though natural colour palette piling on the realism. That's aided by some convincing black levels, though the fact that shadow detailing is sometimes crushed is a shame since that is one of plasma tech's biggest advantage over LED-backlit LCD TVs.

We also noticed that plasma tech's other strength – silky smooth motion – doesn't always ring true on the PS60E6500.

The opening long shot in Hugo that sweeps into the Paris train station is eye-poppingly good in some regards though the sequence ends on the black and white lines of the clock, which the PS60E6500 struggles to resolve without a slight flicker.

Samsung PS60E6500 Review

Later on a sequence of Hugo running through the train station way from a dog suffers from some judder as the camera pans from the top to the bottom of the platform.

Switch to 3D and the PS60E6500 does some of its best work.

Shots of Hugo peering through a gap in the clock face feature some excellent depth of field, as do close-ups of Papa Georges, though we did notice the occasional motion judder and some minor crosstalk during that same chase sequence through the station.

Although the overall picture is heavy enough on contrast, it benefits in some ways from using the Dynamic mode, though the disadvantage of having some extra brightness is an increased incidence of crosstalk.

Samsung PS60E6500 Review

Still, we're only talking about a slight problem and overall the PS60E6500's 3D images are immensely detailed, crystal clear and with impressive depth.

That opening sequence in Hugo is as good as on any 3DTV, though there are plenty of other high points, with close-ups in particular wowing us.

Besides, we did manage to cure some of the judder by employing the 'Cinema Smooth' setting of Film Mode, though that does make the picture a little more unforgiving, alongside a tiny amount of flicker visible in a picture that's not as comfortable to watch.

Samsung PS60E6500 Review

So though it's a mighty good TV, the PS60E6500 isn't perfect. Not quite.

The 2D-to-3D conversion feature doesn't work – it barely ever does on any 3DTV – and we also noticed the occasional rainbow effect when scanning around the huge panel during a showing of a nicely upscaled DVD of Casablanca. That sometimes happens during black and white fare on a plasma.

The Hairy Bikers' Food Tour of Britain on BBC Two naturally appears soft on such a big screen, but given its size the small amount of picture noise alongside artefacts on moving objects is pretty impressive. We've seen 32-inch LCD TVs handle Freeview channels a lot worse than that.