Samsung ps51d6900

The PS51D6900 combines appealing looks and 51-inch images (versus the usual 50-inch) with a long feature list, inputs galore and – best of all – a really nice all-round picture performance, regardless of whether you're watching 2D or 3D.

We liked

The PS51D6900's sub-£1,300 price is very attractive for a set of this size and will be enough in itself to win many to its cause. It's also a good all-round performer with 2D and 3D, and offers an unprecedented amount of online capability, including plenty of video sources.

The onscreen menus are excellent, too, in the way they explain each feature when you select it.

We disliked

There are one or two odd organisational issues with the PS51D6900's onscreen menus and there's a touch more crosstalk with 3D viewing than we've seen with the very best 3D performers. Also, although the PS51D6900's glasses are cheaper than most 3D active shutter glasses, they're still more expensive than those used with passive 3D TVs (though the passive options require you to take a hit on 3D resolution).

Final Verdict

The PS51D6900 looks lovely in an understated way, its extra inch of picture is appreciated and, most importantly of all, its £1,300 price is very attractive for such a large active 3D TV. What really pleases the most, though, is that it backs its up-front appeal up with a very satisfying performance, be it in 2D or 3D mode.

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