Regardless of how strong or otherwise your green leanings might be, it's impossible not to be hugely impressed by just how far Philips has gone to make the Econova an eco-friendly TV (rather than just a handy marketing slogan). No aspect of the set's construction, performance or even packaging has been left untouched in the quest for environmental responsiblity.

With this in mind, it would have been all too easy for design and performance standards to slip, but the Econova is one of the prettiest TVs you'll see and delivers very credible pictures with its eco-friendly gears engaged, and truly outstanding ones when let off the leash.

We liked:

So comprehensive are the Econova's eco credentials that it's hard not to feel both enthused by the set's ethos and impressed by the sheer weight of innovation it delivers. It doesn't do the set any harm, of course, that it also looks lovely, produces good picture and sound quality and has a solid feature count. Its remote control is a masterpiece, too.

We disliked:

Not having any Freeview HD tuner is incredibly short-sighted at this price and the lack of multimedia flexibility versus many other sets these days – including Philips' own – is a shame.

The Econova's price makes it the exclusive domain of the comfortably well-off too and its pictures sometimes look a little noisy, a little soft and/or a little processed depending on how you've configured its complex picture settings.


A worry with the Econova might have been that it was a more interesting experiment than a genuinely appealing TV, but it is far prettier and a much better performer than expected.

As such, given the extreme lengths Philips has gone to in making it a truly green product, the Econova deserves to become both the main TV in numerous well-to-do UK households, and a true poster boy for the eco revolution.

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