Detail 2

The 40PFL8605H's sound is unusually good for a very slim TV. And the reasons for this are visible as soon as you look at the TV's rear and spot a pair of cheeky, rear-facing woofers. These work in tandem with angled tweeters in the TV's frame to produce a soundstage that combines harshness-free treble detail with a credible, distortion-free and open mid-range. There's even a bit of genuine bass rumble too, which works wonders with action movies.

Philips makes no bones about the fact that it's more focused on the premium end of the TV market these days. We have no problem with this so long as the brand continues to make TVs that look better, perform better and offer more features than the vast majority of other TVs out there.

However, in today's market it's hard to shake the feeling that £1,500 is pushing it a little for a 2010 TV with no Freeview HD tuner and where you have to spend another £250 to enjoy its 3D capabilities, especially when those 3D capabilities are pretty underwhelming.

Ease of use

It's nearly impossible for a TV as packed with features and adjustments as the 40PFL8605H to bag a perfect score for ease of use. We also found ourselves wishing Philips at least did an optional keyboard to make surfing the Internet less fiddly.

However, considering how much it's got going on, the 40PFL8605H's onscreen menus are clear and quite well organised. It also has an ace up its sleeve in the form of its remote control.

This is a radical departure from anything Philips has employed before, combining a gorgeous and comfortable elliptical, metallic-finished design with a startling dearth of buttons. It's hard to believe that so few buttons can possibly work, but it feels completely natural and never leaves you wanting for anything.

The only thing we might have liked to find on the remote that isn't there is a dedicated 3D button to take you straight to the option where you have to manually set the TV's 3D mode to side by side for viewing Sky's 3D channel. But then the TV is only 2D capable straight out of its box.