Philips 32pfl7605h

The 32PFL7605H catches the eye by being unusually cheap for a Philips TV, but its early appeal runs much deeper than that. For a start, it looks classy, thanks to a slim profile and an unusual metallic silver bezel finish, not to mention the Ambilight light pools spilling from its sides.

It's also got all the connections you'd expect to find on a more expensive TV, including extensive multimedia capability. Particularly good to find for £620 are the set's DLNA support and online features that include open internet access.

The video processing, while not Philips' most advanced, is still impressively potent for the money and does a very good job of making standard and high-definition pictures look very impressive, provided you're willing to revisit the setup options reasonably frequently.

With some decent audio to accompany the good pictures, the only thing stopping the 32PFL7605H bagging a maximum overall mark is a slightly uninspiring black level performance.

We liked

Televisions as attractive and distinctive as the 32PFL7605H are rare beneath £650. It's exceptionally well equipped for multimedia, features one of the best remote controls around, and is, for the most part, a good performer.

We disliked

The set's black level response and backlight consistency aren't quite as accomplished as those of this TV's larger siblings and you need to spend more time than usual in the TV's many onscreen menus in order to keep getting the best out of the set, as some of the processing options can cause problems with certain types of material. The omission of a Freeview HD tuner is also unfortunate.


The 32PFL7605H puts sophisticated LED technology within reach of a mainstream audience with no significant compromises to performance.

The set also manages to cling to an impressive roster of features despite its affordability, with highlights being its potent video processing mix and its online capability, especially open web access.

The 32PFL7605H falls marginally short of top marks on account of not having a Freeview HD tuner and problems with deep black level response, but it's still really good value, especially for someone after a quality second room set.