Panasonic TX-L47WT50B review

Flagship Edge LED TV with 2mm bezel, smart TV, a cracking smartphone app and dazzling 2D and 3D images

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This is Panasonic's best Edge LED TV ever. It's not quite the high-end home cinema machine, but the sheer detail, smoothness, colour and contrast are a fine achievement – and the smart TV dimension and classy design help, too.

We liked

The super-slim bezel makes this Panasonic's best-looking TV ever, whatever the panel tech inside, and we love its overall picture performance, too.

Home networking is comprehensive and VIERA Connect as slick as ever, though kudos goes to the VIERA Remote app that 'flicks' photos, videos and websites from smartphone to TV.

We disliked

It lacks ultimate black levels, and we're not at all sure about either its 2D-3D conversion mode or its old-fashioned user interface.

If the latter needs a complete overhaul, so does its Freeview HD electronics programme guide, whose activation instantly kills both picture and sound of the live TV channel you're watching.

Final verdict

A smooth operator, Panasonic's TX-L47WT50 is both its best-looking and best performing Edge LED-backlit LCD TV so far.

Achieved in a seriously short amount of time, the brand that's famous for plasmas has here developed a super-slim bezel containing smooth, blur-free, contrast rich and immaculately detailed images.

A special mention goes to its smartphone app, though VIERA Connect's app-packed pages impress, too.

However, a high price and some distinctly old-fashioned menu systems take the gloss off an otherwise assured package.

Also consider

Other flagship Edge LED tellies worth comparing to the TX-L47WT50B include the Samsung's 46-inch UE46ES8000, and the slightly superior Sony KDL-46HX853.

For a cheaper option with awesome design and a 'passive' 3D dimension, try LG's 47-inch 47LM670T .

However, don't miss the opportunity to compare like with like; far cheaper, Panasonic's awesome TX-P50ST50 is this telly's closest competitor.