Panasonic TX-L47ET50B review

3D excels on this super-slim 47-inch Edge LED, but where are the glasses?

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The Panasonic TX-L47ET50B uses active shutter instead of passive 3D technology. Active shutter uses powered, relatively chunky glasses with left and right lenses that open and close in sync with the 3D display's flashing of left and right eye images.

Some complain of a constant flicker, but each of those images is in Full HD resolution. That's key, since passive 3D TVs don't flash any images, and instead require passive polarising lenses that can separate the left and right eye images without power.

The glasses are much cheaper - as little as a pound/dollar or two - but the Full HD resolution is shared between each eye. It's noticeably softer, but easier to watch for long periods.

By default, the home screen for Viera Connect displays icons for BBC News, Skype, BBC iPlayer, Eurosport, YouTube and Fetch TV. Although it's fully customisable, the central screen is always reserved for playing whatever live input was playing when Viera Connect started up - typically live TV or a Blu-ray disc.

Panasonic TX L47ET50B review

Other screens include Netflix, Acetrax, Twitter, Euronews, Facebook, CNBC Real Time, DailyMotion, Picasa, SHOUTcast radio, Aupeo, iConcerts and some games and weather apps.

There's also a downloadable web browser, and a market area of Viera Connect where hardware and software can be purchased.

If the Panasonic TX-L47ET50B cashes in, it can also have a cache in it - shove in a USB flash drive or SD card of at least 2GB (although 16GB and higher is far more practical) and it can pause live TV, rewind it and even record it - using timers, no less.

It's impressive, but actually quite limiting; there's only one Freeview tuner included, so if it's switched on it can only record what you're watching. It's useful for recording something while you're out, for sure, but that's about it.

Panasonic TX L47ET50B review

The Panasonic TX-L47ET50B, like almost all smart TVs, likes to think of itself as a media streamer. As well as three USB ports and one SD card slot for playing digital media from a USB stick or HDD, it has Wi-Fi and wired Ethernet LAN for networking.

Here it's in its most advanced form yet, going beyond the usual digital file fetch; programmes recorded from the Freeview tuner via this TV can be shared on other DLNA-compatible devices - typically a laptop or PC on the same home network.

Picture tech-wise, the Panasonic TX-L47ET50B has a 200Hz 'Clear Panel' capable of 800Hz backlight scanning as well as frame interpolation tech called Intelligent Frame Creation.