Panasonic tx l42e30b

The TX-L42E30B is proof that Panasonic's love of television doesn't begin and end with its top-end plasmas. Nor is it ignoring those who haven't yet succumbed to the lure of three-dimensional home entertainment. This is both a high-quality display and a nifty multimedia device that will look good in all but the gaudiest living rooms.

We liked

The Panasonic TX-L42E30B offers a quality, hi-def picture that retains the cinematic, naturalistic tone of the brand's plasma panels, plus an above-average audio performance, all wrapped up in a neatly designed and robust-feeling bezel.

Usability is first-rate, too. The set's additional features, including the Viera Connect portal, broaden its appeal, and USB recording means you may decide you can throw away your clunky PVR once and for all.

We disliked

The lack of 3D support means it's hard to recommend this set to anyone who wants to stay future-proofed, and not integrating an open web browser into Viera Connect is an unnecessary shackle. And why Panasonic insists on persevering with the advertisement-laden Guide+ EPG is a mystery.

Final verdict

The 40/42-inch flatscreen market may be one of the most competitive, but Panasonic's TX-L42E30B offers enough to stand out. Good-looking, well connected and a top performer, it's definitely worth auditioning.

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