The TX-L37E30B is an enticing upmarket LED LCD TV noteworthy for its outstanding network file support, rich Viera Connect IPTV and app portal.

Picture quality is above average, although you should keep the IFC set to Mid to avoid predictive ringing artefacts. Once calibrated, Freeview HD channels and Blu-ray look particularly handsome.

We liked:

Outstanding network file support makes this set a good choice for those with video downloads stored in NAS devices and on PCs.

The new Viera Connect IPTV and apps portal are both useful, the Freeview HD tuner offers some futureproofing and the overall picture performance is solid.

We disliked:

IFC motion resolution artefacts are irksome, black levels are slightly limited and some rather generic social media apps don't augment TV viewing to any meaningful degree.

Final verdict

If you can look beyond its high price, the TX-L37E30B is an attractive LED television.

Picture performance is above average but not quite class leading – blacks just aren't deep enough for unqualified praise and there are motion artefacts if you crank up IFC – but network media support is first class. Panasonic's new Viera Connect service is also shaping up to be a tempting proposition.

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