Panasonic tx l32e3b

The TX-L32E3B's is reasonably attractive, but its connections are limited and the feature list is short, to put it mildly. The pictures, however, are well above average for a TV of this price, with natural colours, decent contrast and a wider than usual viewing angle.

Brightness levels can jump around a bit, thanks to the set's dynamic contrast system and there's resolution loss with motion that's accompanied by blurring for the first few minutes after you turn the TV on from cold each time. The set's audio struggles to do justice to action scenes too, in keeping with most other slim 32-inch TVs.

We liked

The TX-L32E3B's edge LED backlighting is surprisingly even and delivers a decent black level response for an affordable 32-inch TV. Colours are very natural too and HD pictures are sharp and detailed. The set is also very easy to use and many people will appreciate its direct, unprocessed video performance.

We disliked

The lack of features is frustrating; there are limited multimedia tools, which is extremely unusual by today's standards and hardly any picture adjustments beyond the absolute basics. The dynamic contrast system can cause a little brightness inconsistency, too, and there's resolution loss with motion accompanied by smearing when you first turn the TV on.

Final verdict

The TX-L32E3B is decent looking, but not as well built as other Panasonic TVs. It's easy to use, but this is down in part to its lack of features. It's got a LAN port, but this doesn't enable DLNA networking and there's no Viera Connect. Pictures are colourful and rich in contrast, but brightness levels can be inconsistent and there are motion flaws.

Overall, the TX-L32E3B's pictures are good enough to make it a very worthwhile second-room set, but it's neither flexible nor sufficiently feature-laden to do great service as a main TV.

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