LG 50PK790 review

LG's 2010 range kicks off in mostly fine fettle with this respectable 50" Freeview HD plasma TV

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lg 50pk790 remote control

Considering how slender it is, the 50PK790's audio performance can be considered a reasonable success.

As we'd expect, bass is rather limited and compressed. But crucially the mid-range is open enough to leave action scenes sounding acceptably dynamic without overwhelming dialogue and audio detailing.

The speakers remained free of buzzing distortion at any kind of volume below painful, too.


Although the 50PK790 doesn't look particularly cheap against some of the sub-£1k 50-inch models LG has managed in the past, it does enough with its design, features and in many ways picture performance to make its £1,300 price look pretty reasonable.

Ease of use

Thanks to an exceptionally well-designed, graphics-heavy on-screen interface and thoughtfully organised remote control, day-to-day use of the 50PK790 is a breeze.

In an ideal world LG might have a) tried to make the menus smaller or more transparent to make it easier to tweak picture settings, and b) made the remote control a bit more responsive. However, overall the system is still an impressive exercise in how to handle large quantities of options and features without causing the technophobic to blow a gasket.