LG 47LX6900 review

LG release a 3D ready edge lit LCD TV at a bargain price, but have corners been cut?

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LG 47lx6900


Considering how thin the 47LX6900 is, it really doesn't sound too bad. Good movie soundtracks are detailed and lively, thanks to plenty of clear (but not harsh) treble information, and there's a quite open feeling to the sound that avoids much of the thinness and muddiness so common with thin TVs.

The catch comes with bass reproduction: in keeping with so many other thin TVs, the 47LX6900 just doesn't produce enough low frequency audio to sound convincing when an action scene is at full throttle.


Taken at face value, the £1,300 price doesn't seem bad at all. After all, your money is getting you a really attractive, big-screen TV packed with multimedia features and integrated 3D playback.

The deal is soured somewhat, though, by the fact that your enjoyment of both dark scenes and 3D sources is hobbled by some obvious picture problems. The online features are also very basic compared with most rival platforms.

Ease of use

The 47LX6900 continues LG's fine run of form in this department thanks to arguably the best onscreen menu system on any current TV lineup.

The combination of large, clear icons with a straightforward, intuitive structure and extremely legible text works superbly well.

Part of this intuitiveness is down to a good understanding on LG's part of how to accommodate different depths of technical know-how, as getting to the most in-depth, options requires you to 'deep dive' through submenus; in other words, care has been taken not to overwhelm novices with absolutely every option the TV has to offer the moment they first hit the menu button.

The 47LX6900's remote control doesn't look much cop when you first set eyes on it, and feels a touch plasticky, but it harmonises surprisingly effectively with the excellent onscreen menus.